Frequently Asked Questions

What is InstaStream?

InstaStream is a tool that allows you to insert pictures from your camera roll into a Facebook Live broadcast.  The app allows you to invite your friends and community to chat  with you and with each other during the broadcast.  InstaStream offers you the option to save a video recording of the InstaStream so that you can share it on social media or send it in via text.

Who is this for?

InstaStream is for a parent at a child's birthday, who's busy during the party and who, after everyone has gone, wants to share the day with her mother, her best friend, and her sister-in-law who weren't able to attend.  InstaStream is for the activist who goes to a social action, takes pictures, does some interviews, and then heads back home and broadcasts the story from the day to her community.

Why do we need it?

InstaStream allows you to do more than point and shoot.  InstaStream lets you to be in the moment, at the party, at the beach, at the protest.  InstaStream  helps you to tell a visual story and InstaStream lets you share it whenever and wherever you want.  You can even share an InstaStream with people who don't have the app.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple .  You download the App, give Facebook Permission (for the broadcast, no one gets to see this unless you give permission), choose the pictures you want to include, invite whomever you want, and go live.  At the end of the broadcast, save it.  Once it's saved you can share it anywhere:  Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., or text the InstaStream to a friend.

What's missing?

That's what we'd like to know.  What would you add?  How could InstaStream be better for you?  Send your ideas and suggestions to