Don't just tell your story, show it.

Next-level Visual Storytelling
Whether you’re broadcasting about your weekend at Coachella, sharing a new recipe with friends, or reporting on the political action in your community.

InstaStream is for everyone who wants to quickly and easily make a visually interesting live video.
A New Experience

Show your face and your story in an immersive streaming experience.

Go live, in-stream with pictures playing in the background, direct to a Facebook Live broadcast. Invite followers, your community & friends alike to chat with you and with each other during your broadcast.
Supercharge your broadcast

Complete, in-stream control of your broadcast.

Play, pause, fast-forward & rewind your in-stream slideshow to go over your experience frame by frame.
Launch everywhere

Stream live on facebook, or publish anywhere.

Go live directly to your facebook profile or a facebook page that you own or save your stream and publish directly to instagram, youtube, snapchat, or anywhere else you use video.